About the company

Epicon Consulting is a company of experienced consultants specialised in optimalisation of procurement costs and processes as well as the whole supply chain.

We used to work for Polish and international clients from different sectors, including: automotive, FMCG, chemical, furniture, cosmetic, medical and financial services.

We decided to specialize in the procurement consulting as we are convinced that conscious management of supply chain and procurement will give the companies stable competitive advantage on the market and will change the function of procurement from operational to strategic.

We look for the solutions that are optimal for our clients, not for us.

We are unique, as we can communicate not only with the white collars but also with the purchasing or production employees what guarantees long term results of our projects.

The scope of our services:

  • Cost cutting projects in production and non production categories
  • Management of process and procurement organization
  • Electric energy optimisation 
  • Logistic optimisation